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Ceramic vase has a long history. Most of us just call them ceramic vase or porcelain vase. In fact, most of them have their own names according to their special shapes, patterns or designs. Today, ancient porcelain blog will introduce the names of some popular vases based on the chronological of the Chinese vases.

ceramic vase

From the first to the fourth vases appear in the period of Song Dynasty from 960AD to 1271. Above is the Meiping vase, also called plum vase. The fire dragon is Chinese long lasting popular totem. (SELLING ITEM NO.:14AS92)

ceramic vase

This plum blossom pattern vase is our hot selling item. The name of the shape could be called Pear-shaped vase. (SELLING ITEM NO.:RYLU34)

ceramic vase

This shape is really rectangular and square. The name of it is Cong vase or Cong shaped vase. (SELLING ITEM NO.:RYTM41)

ceramic vase

Double gourd vase means happiness and fortune in China. It is very propitious and auspicious vase. (SELLING ITEM NO.:RYTQ16-NEW)

ceramic vase

After Song Dynasty, the ancient China was taken over by Yuan Dynasty from 1271 to 1368. This Yuan Dynasty style porcelain vase is called Beaker vase or Flaring vase which is very unique shape and it can always attract people’s sight for its shape decides it must be centerpiece vase. The large open top makes the porcelain vase can contain more flowers.  (SELLING ITEM NO.:RZHQ01)

ceramic vase

Garlic mouth vase or Garlic head shaped vase is with a round ball top like a garlic. Its name is very vivid. (SELLING ITEM NO.:RZEV01-F)

Next week, our blog will go on discussing the name of the vase from Ming to Qing Dynasty. Pls continue paying attention to our blog~

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