Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum

We introduce ceramics for all our readers for a long time. I am afraid my readers would be tired of so much book knowledge. This time we will tell you the travel notes of Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum. Is it surprising? From my point, if you come to Jingdezhen, Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum is a […]

Customize Your Own Style Porcelain-2

Almost all the art ceramics has to be hand made to some degree. From the shape to pattern, the artisan would pay their attention to make it perfect. Each process links up with the next process. All these make our customized porcelain exquisite and unique. The range of ceramics to be customized can be wide. […]

Customize Your Own Style Porcelain

To customize on porcelain is becoming popular with the porcelain making tech growing mature. If the family party, wedding and some other kinds of big event, each one can have himself a own named and designed ceramics. That would be awesome. Marking or painting a personal special design on ceramic table ware, ceramic tea ware […]

Blue and White Ginger Jar

Ginger jar hands down from Ming Dynasty of China. Its cap is as same as the ancient Chinese general cap. So Chinese traditional way to call it, is General Jar. When it comes to Qing Dynasty, the shape and design of ginger jar become fixed. The making process of blue and white ceramic ginger jar […]

A Brief Chinese Chronology

Many ceramics collectors and amateurs focus on the ceramic pattern, shape, body, material. No matter it is blue and white, celadon,oxblood porcelain, the history and background story of each ceramic needs to be dug out. China has a long history. The ceramic history of China is also long. The ceramics in each dynasty of China […]

Stamping Art in Ceramics

Many mimic carving ceramic pieces has unique but simple tech to appear like hand carving ceramics. Of course, skillful hand carving artisans can really make out a vivid carving ceramics. While the time of hand carving ceramics is too long, we would better find a cut way to solve this problem. So some tricks pomp […]

Raising from Nature

For most ceramics or porcelain, it is made of clay. During the throwing process, the shape of ceramic is coming out. It is an amazing process like the movie slow motion but it raises so fast in the potters’ hand. For the audiences, they just stand there and excited for this stunning process. As people has […]

Give new life to ceramic plate

For me personally, I think people would more like to be critics on arts and pay few attention on exploring the true beauty and arts in life. That is why lots of artists and musicians always gets their truly fame when they passed. But those who gave criticism never create any long lasting masterpiece. Real […]

The Specialty of Ceramics in Modern Life

Before the ceramic is finally fired, it is malleable as you wish. You can twist, turn, roll, beat, cast or carve it when it is clay or slip. With high temperature fired, what will the ceramic to be? They become strong and durable but a little brittle. That is a common sense for each of […]

The origin of ceramic words

Last week, we talk about the amusing ceramic words. And we will go on talk about it this week. The derivations of words is so fantastic and un-controlable. But in ceramic field, the consistent of the ceramics words seems quite strong. No matter how era passed, they still be the same meaning just like the […]

Throw is a very interesting word to be use in ceramic field.

There are usually some professional terms in professional field makes us confused. For the meaning of professional terms may has nothing to do with our daily used word. Throw is a very interesting word to be use in ceramic field. When someone say “I am throwing the ceramic cup”, what will come into your mind at […]

The name of Chinese ceramic vase

Last time, we talked about the name of the ceramic vase in Song and Yuan Dynasty in ancient China. Today, we will go along the history line and go on discuss this topic. From 1368 to 1644, it is in the period of Ming Dynasty. The first ceramic vase to appear is the moon flask […]

ceramic vase

Ceramic vase has a long history. Most of us just call them ceramic vase or porcelain vase. In fact, most of them have their own names according to their special shapes, patterns or designs. Today, ancient porcelain blog will introduce the names of some popular vases based on the chronological of the Chinese vases. From […]

china ware,ceramic stool,porcelain

CHINA WARES COMPLEMENT OUR HOUSE Everyday dishes need to be easy to replace but a charming home decor is not as easy as that any more. Whether people are sitting down to an intimate dinner for two, a daily family meal or a large gathering of friends, the first item people will notice is the table setting. It […]

bone china,tablewear,tea set

The beauty of English fine bone china is in its translucence. Light passes through it and gives it a delicate look, no matter the actual thickness of the piece. This property is unaffected by the process of glazing. Glazing adds a protective layer to the bone china, but it can also be used as a decorative element. […]

There are three basic categories of pottery: earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. They vary according to the clay used to make them, and the temperature needed to fire them. Earthenware This is the longest-established type of pottery, dating back to the Stone Age. Although its composition can vary significantly, a generic composition of earthenware clay is: 25 percent ball clay, […]

If you have been on a life long search of finding a the perfect warm and colorful theme for your home, you can stop now. Chinese ceramics will not only give you vibrant colors and warmth, but they will bring a completely different style into your home. With the large variety of colors, designs and shapes within […]