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To customize on porcelain is becoming popular with the porcelain making tech growing mature. If the family party, wedding and some other kinds of big event, each one can have himself a own named and designed ceramics. That would be awesome. Marking or painting a personal special design on ceramic table ware, ceramic tea ware […]

Many mimic carving ceramic pieces has unique but simple tech to appear like hand carving ceramics. Of course, skillful hand carving artisans can really make out a vivid carving ceramics. While the time of hand carving ceramics is too long, we would better find a cut way to solve this problem. So some tricks pomp […]

CHINA WARES COMPLEMENT OUR HOUSE Everyday dishes need to be easy to replace but a charming home decor is not as easy as that any more. Whether people are sitting down to an intimate dinner for two, a daily family meal or a large gathering of friends, the first item people will notice is the table setting. It […]