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Almost all the art ceramics has to be hand made to some degree. From the shape to pattern, the artisan would pay their attention to make it perfect. Each process links up with the next process. All these make our customized porcelain exquisite and unique. The range of ceramics to be customized can be wide. […]

Many mimic carving ceramic pieces has unique but simple tech to appear like hand carving ceramics. Of course, skillful hand carving artisans can really make out a vivid carving ceramics. While the time of hand carving ceramics is too long, we would better find a cut way to solve this problem. So some tricks pomp […]

Before the ceramic is finally fired, it is malleable as you wish. You can twist, turn, roll, beat, cast or carve it when it is clay or slip. With high temperature fired, what will the ceramic to be? They become strong and durable but a little brittle. That is a common sense for each of […]

Last time, we talked about the name of the ceramic vase in Song and Yuan Dynasty in ancient China. Today, we will go along the history line and go on discuss this topic. From 1368 to 1644, it is in the period of Ming Dynasty. The first ceramic vase to appear is the moon flask […]

CHINA WARES COMPLEMENT OUR HOUSE Everyday dishes need to be easy to replace but a charming home decor is not as easy as that any more. Whether people are sitting down to an intimate dinner for two, a daily family meal or a large gathering of friends, the first item people will notice is the table setting. It […]