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The Specialty of Ceramics in Modern Life

Before the ceramic is finally fired, it is malleable as you wish. You can twist, turn, roll, beat, cast or carve it when it is clay or slip. With high temperature fired, what will the ceramic to be?

They become strong and durable but a little brittle. That is a common sense for each of us upon our daily use ceramics like ceramic jar, ceramic vase, ceramic planter, ceramic tea ware, ceramic table ware, ceramic table lamp, ceramic umbrella stand, ceramic stool, ceramic figurine and etc.

The Specialty of Ceramics in Modern Life

These visible household ceramics limit our sensation to ceramics. In fact, ceramics spread from basic house hold use to high tech applications. The property of ceramic is that they avoid the acids, oxygen and resist the electric and heat. These make our ceramics versatile in our daily life like resistance, refractory brick, ceramic grind material etc. As apple watch also comes out a ceramic model.

The Specialty of Ceramics in Modern Life

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