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We introduce ceramics for all our readers for a long time. I am afraid my readers would be tired of so much book knowledge. This time we will tell you the travel notes of Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum. Is it surprising?

From my point, if you come to Jingdezhen, Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum is a place that you must to have a visit! If you can not go, you can also have a look at her website–

Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum

It is our company trip to Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum on weekends. It is not far from our office–15 minutes drive. It s address is NO.1 Zijing Rd, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province,China. It will also be easy for tourists to find Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum.

First, it is free!!! Free to park your car. Free to enter. Free to rent a explanation machine. Just remember to bring your ID like Passport. Opening hours 9:00-17:00 all year round(Visitors are not allowed to get in after 16:30)There are Chinese and English explanation indicator board. Modern interior design mixed with real antique ceramics to be exhibition.

Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum has 7 floors. You can take elevator. But I suggest to take a walk. Each floor is marked with era. The first exhibition hall is on second floor. It introduces the origin of the ceramic from Neolithic Age to Yuan Dynasty. During these time, the ceramic is from clay ware to ceramic ware. The making procedure is more complex and the porcelain is more delicate. What is the most, Jingdezhen is named by emperor in Song dynasty. From that time, Jingdezhen and its porcelain becomes leave its trace in history.

Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum

Then No.2 Exhibition Hall is on third floor marked with Ming Dynasty (1368 A.D.-1644 A.D.)—Qing Dynasty (1644 A.D.-1911 A.D.) The ceramic technique comes into the most glorious period. The shape, pattern, color have hundreds of varies. And the porcelain begins to be sold to Europe and is warmly welcomed by foreign country.

Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum

No.3 Exhibition Hall is Republic of China (1911 A.D.-1949 A.D.) ceramics. These period is real hard time both for China and china. Qing Dynasty goes to the end of its destiny. The foreign invaders come to plunder. Chinese people face the difficulties from home and abroad. The progressing pace of ceramic is stopped and even receded. Chinese people are struggling to keep holding on in the rough period.

Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum

No.4 5 6 Exhibition Hall is Republic of China (1949 A.D.–Now) ceramic. China and its ceramics get rebirth. Everything is getting back to life and recovering in China. The new design ceramic and ceramic tech are sprouted.

Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum

The age is changing. The world and China experienced war, peace, receding and progressing. The already fired porcelain if protect well no matter how time changes, it is still the same without deform, color fading. The un-fired porcelain is still await for fire to give its a rebirth to come into porcelain.

As china, only tolerate the torture of the fire, it can become stronger, sterner and more long-lasting. Same as China, China suffer the pain, the war, the despise and China are getting stronger from it and shows  a more beautiful China to the world.


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