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As the global outbreak of covid-19 intensifies, we have learned that in western countries, a large number of protective equipment such as masks,forehead temperature guns and hand sanitizers are in short supply. As a Chinese enterprise that has received western care and help, we are very willing to use our contacts accumulated in 13 years of international trade to provide you with first-class and reliable anti-epidemic supplies (with reliable certificate can be inquired), and only charge you 15% of gross profit! Of course, if you have questions about epidemic prevention services can also consult us for free, we sincerely hope that our service can bring timely and effective help to overseas friends!

You can rely on the service level and product quality of Shengjiang company. As leading enterprises of China jingdezhen, ShengJiang company was founded in 2007, it has 13 years history of the international trade business, has been with global discount retailing giant, one of the top 500 TJX company’s brand chain HOMEGOODS has a long-term, stable relations of cooperation (attachment for our dealings with TJX company shows).

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